How do I earn coins/money fast without cheating?

This guide is to demonstrate on how to earn coins without cheating.

Things that you need :

1) Popularity Above 30

2) Timer

3) Restaurant Level 7 and above

Step 01 :
Set only 1 staff as Cook and 1 staff as waiter. The rest of the workers put them to rest. Save your game and close it. Or you can exit from your restaurant and visit your Restaurant City Temp Friends for ingredients and then come back again to your restaurant later.

Step 02 :
After around 45 mins, Login your restaurant city game again and you will be earning $2,000 coins. At this time your 2 workers's stamina will be around 50-70%. At this time, Change this 2 workers to rest and activate another 100% workers as worker and waiter. Click save and close game. (Alternatively, if you still want to cheat, replace this step with the 100% Stamina Hack)

Step 03 :
This is a repeated process so just put them to worker and cross change their role. With this method you won't need to spent any money for feeding but to earn around $8,000 within 3 hours. Just maintain your popularity to above 30 and this trick will work anytime anyday.

Source: lemon graphic edited by Restaurant City Tips