Restaurant City - Freeze Energy Stamina Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) RC Tools v5.1
4) Flash Player 9

Open your RC Tools v5.1
1) Open RC Tools v5.1 and click on Stamina Tab
2) Paste code C85D89C33B28408B and FC5D89C33B28408B into the Hex box, set to 8 bytes and check Also scan read-only memory.
3) Scan, get the address and Paste into RC Tools 5.1
4) Click Get Code, and paste the Code under Description
5) Enable Jackal's Workers HP++
6) Check your RC and you will noticed your staffs energy freeze at 100%

RC Stamina cheat 28/8/09
Code 1 : D85D89C33B28408B
Code 2 : F05D89C33B28408B