FAQ: NEW Pizzeria!

1) What is the Pizzeria? It is a weekly collectible that players can slowly build by unlocking, learning and mastering recipes. Recipes are released on a week by week basis

2) When does it come out? 
Tuesday February 22nd 2011

3) What’s the first thing I need to do to get it? 
To get started you will need to learn and master the Pizza Vegetariana recipe. You can find this in your menu under Mains, or click on the Pizzeria icon to be taken to the Pizzeria area!
4) I got it, but it doesn’t look the same as the picture! What’s happening? 
Once you have mastered the Pizza Vegetariana recipe you will have unlocked the basic version of the Pizzeria - this is the version with the red and white counter surface. It will need to be staffed by one of your own members of staff and will have the basic stove. Start mastering the other recipes and piece by piece you can unlock the different areas of the pizzeria, including unlocking a better stove, drinks dispenser and more!

5) What other recipes will be coming to unlock the different Pizzeria parts?
Each week there will be two new recipes unlocked for you to master. There are two tiers of recipes to master: the top tier unlocks the best stove; the bottom tier unlocks the drink dispenser. Master the Pizza Vegetariana before you can start to learn any of the others. 

The top row of recipes are all dependant on one another - so you will need to master the one to the left before you can start mastering any other recipes to the right.

The bottom row will be revealed week on week and can be learned in any order. However, to learn the final recipe at the end of this tier, you will need to master all of the bottom row first.

Each week this table will update with the latest released recipes.

6) What does ‘Unlock Early’ mean? 
Once you have mastered a recipe, you don’t have to wait until the next week to see the next week’s recipes! You can unlock them early via the ‘Unlock Early’ button which will reveal the next recipe for both the top and bottom tier. Once you have unlocked them you can start to learn the recipe and get on your way to mastering the recipes before everyone else!

7) Limited dishes have appeared! What does this mean?
You may have noticed that some recipes have a timer on them (such as the Pizza Quattro Stagioni and Crochette di Patate). Recipes unlocked from March 15th onwards will have this timer.

Recipes with a timer will have a limited time in which they can be learned, after that date they will be locked and you won't be able to learn them. 

If you learn a recipe but haven't mastered it before the deadline, you can still master it after the deadline.

However, if you want the ultimate reward of the Pizza Chef (he can cook at the Pizzeria without you having to assign a chef to it), you'll have to master all of the timed recipes before the deadline!

8) Does ‘Early Unlock’ mean I have learned the recipe? 
No. You have only unlocked a recipe so that you can start to learn and master a recipe. It’s essentially revealing a recipe sooner so you can get started sooner. That is the only advantage.

9) Where can I get my ingredients from? 
  • Free Gifts
  • Crates
  • Special Day Gifts
  • Fanpage
  • Challenge Rewards
  • Requesting trades with friends
  • Buying them
  • Market Boy on your street
  • Gourmet King

10) What’s new about the Pizzeria? 
This is the first collectible that you can decide when to start learning recipes, via the Early Unlock feature. It is also the first collectible feature of its size to contain a mini game - the Dough Boy

11) How does the Dough Boy mini game work? 
Once you have mastered the Prosciutto e Funghi recipe and unlocked the Dough Boy, you can start playing the mini game. Whenever the chef assigned to your Pizzeria starts to cook, the Dough Boy will start to prepare the pizza base. He will appear highlighted with a green border - this means he is ready to be clicked on for a short period of time. If you hurry and click him, he will flip the dough up in the air. If you click on the dough - which is also highlighted in green - you will receive 5 coins! Miss, however, and it will fall on his face! You won’t spend any coins doing this. You can do this for as long as you like - he will always highlight in green when he is ready to be clicked.