Smoothie Station Collectible

What IS the Smoothie Station? 
The Smoothie Station is a new collectible in Restaurant City that players like you can get completely free. It's a functional item that can do several different things - such as earn you more coins, add popularity, serve exclusive drinks to your customers, open up a mini-game and more!

How do I get the Smoothie Station? 
Look out for Joe in your restaurant! See him and click him to find out what he has to say...!

But if you can't wait to see him, click on the new Smoothie Station icon from inside your restaurant.

I've got my Smoothie Station from Joe but it doesn't look like the picture - what's going on? 

You'll need to start mastering the different recipes in order to upgrade your Smoothie Station. Each week you'll have a different recipe to master, and each recipe upgrades a different part of your Smoothie Station.

What are the recipes and what will they unlock? 

Check in each week to see what's been added!

How come my Smoothie Bar isn't serving any smoothies, just regular drinks? 
You'll need to wait until the recipe that allows you to serve smoothies is unlocked on Week 2 - the Banana Drama

What's the difference between 'learning' and 'mastering' a recipe? 

Learn = level a recipe up to just level 1

Master = level a recipe all the way up to 10

What benefits do I get from having the Smoothie Station? 
A Smoothie Station - or any collectible for that matter - is a sign of your dedication to your restaurant. But it's also fun! Working with your friends and family to get your Smoothie Station can be a great experience and each time you share your good news, your friends and family can click on the free links on your wall and get ingredients and items to help themselves, as well!

The Smoothie Station also gives you added benefits such as extra coins for serving smoothies, more Gourmet Points and the cute mini game exclusive to the Smoothie Station!

How can I grow Wheatgrass with my Smoothie Station? 
Once you add the Smoothie Station to your restaurant and have mastered the Very Berry Crush recipe (available in Week 1), every 24 hours you'll notice your Wheatgrass farm on your Smoothie Station will have an outline around it, indicating it's ready for harvesting. Then simply click on the Wheatgrass farm on your Smoothie Station and you've just collected a FREE Wheatgrass ingredient!

Who's Joe? 

Founder of the Smoothie Station in Restaurant City back in the 1950's, Joe Singray is your undeniably stylish mentor in helping you get your own Smoothie Station up and running.

And if you're wondering why he still looks so young after all these years... he tells us the secret's in the smoothies...!

What's the Smoothie Station mini-game?
Once you've unlocked the Blender girl and the mini-game, you can start earning extra Gourmet Points!

Wait until your Smoothie Station is serving a customer - then watch as the blender starts to shake. Keep an eye on the bar above the blender - it'll start to fill up.

Wait to click the blender at the right time (to achieve perfect smoothness!) but wait too long and your poor blender girl will end up a little bit more colorful than she was before!