Restaurant City - New Downgrade level coin hack (lvl 1-32)

Restaurant City - New Downgrade level Coin Hack (lvl 1-32)

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 or 10
4) Piaip's Restaurant City Hack Tool v1.13
1) Patch ur RC using piaips 1.13 (optional)
2) Now in Cheat Engine, select firefox as process,tick hex,ASROM,value type (8 bytes)
3) Scan "00000039840FD285"
4) 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble address
5) You'll see the line "mov ecx,[edx+00000088]"(flash 9) or"mov ecx,[edx+00000090]"(flash 10)
6) Rclick that line and click toggle breakpoint or press f5
7) When your firefox freezes Rclick again that line and click toggle breakpoint or press f5
8) Click debug and click run on CE
9) Click Add address manually,lower right part on CE
10) Enter the EDX(red color) value shown on CE +88 (flash 9) +90 (flash 10) example:1F563A20+88
11) After you've enter that value your level will be displayed in your CE
12) Change it to 31 and freeze its value and wait till a customer done eating a food
13) Now keep clicking on the check this will get you thousands of coin
14) You will receive a disconnection notice from the server
15) Ignore it and just stay on clicking check
16) After your satisfied with the gold, uncheck now frozen from your CE
17) Now just keep on clicking check from the disconnection until it stop popping
18) If disconnection stop on showing click redecorate, shift furniture and click check
19) It will be saved
20) Repeat steps 12-18
21) Mail me at bedkama121 [@] for some questions and suggestions regarding this hack or
ask me in the chatbox at Restaurant City Tips online name: nameless