Drinks in Restaurant City

Drinks has just been released and many people have difficulties dealing with it... so here comes so basics:

What is a drink?
Basically, it's another category of dish that you serve. Drinks can be served after level 15.

You can choose up to 3 drinks to serve.

How do I serve drinks?
You have to buy yourself a soda dispenser and / or a fridge.

How do I level up drinks?
Just like other menus, you collect ingredients.

Who prepares drinks?
Your waiters.

What's the best staff allocation for island layouts with 8 staff?
2 islands: 2 chef, 2 waiters.
1 island: 3 chef, 4 waiters, 1 cleaner.

I served a drink. Now what?
You can wait for a waiter to clean it up and you get your GP - just like a normal dish!

How long does it take for a waiter to prepare a drink with energy over 80%?
Around 12-13 seconds whilst stoves need 16.