Uses of Toilets

Toilets are playfishes new feature for your people. they activate at level 8 onwards. People will want to use the toilet after using your restaurant. You also now need a cleaner to clean your toilets the rubbish.

What are toilets for? How come my customers don't use them?
- Toilets are only required when you reach level 8.

Who uses toilets?
- Random customers will request for a toilet after their meal.
- Customers who wish to use the toilet after their meal will not give a thumbs up after the meal, but only after they use the toilet.

How do they work?
- When a customer successfully uses the toilet, you receive a thumbs up.
- If there is no toilet available, you do not receive a thumbs down.

What about money and points?
- You still receive money for your meal as well as gourmet points, even if the customer was unable to use a toilet.

My toilet has a puddle! What do I do?
- After a toilet has been used 4 times, it becomes "dirty".
- Your toilet needs to be cleaned. There is a new 'cleaner' option in the employee menu.