Useful Tips and Neat Things about Restaurant City


  1. To scroll around your restaurant and its surroundings, hold onto your left mouse button and drag it. [Inside the restaurant]

  2. You can shake trees (found outside restaurants) for money by clicking on them. So go around to your friends' place and shake their trees too. [Inside the restaurant]

  3. Earn extra cash by clearing up other people's trash. To clear trash, click on it with your mouse. [Inside the restaurant]

  4. To avoid over-exhausting your employees when you leave the game for more than 3 hours, simply remove the door or place an item (such as a deco tree or mailbox) in front of your door. The place will be empty. [Inside your restaurant] - Submitted by Tweak

  5. If you wish to let your restaurant run while you sleep or head out for over 3 hours or so, you'd get an earning of 2000 coins when you log back in. And contrary to popular belief, your popularity rating will NOT go down despite your employees lying there exhausted (Please note that you MUST save and quit out first. It will still run after you've quit.)

  6. Missed out on an ingredient cause you didn't get the daily food quiz question right? oumsker has compiled a list of questions and correct answers for you! Check it out here! Please help contribute if you can!

  7. You can distract the extra customers with arcade machines! They will play and then leave the restaurant without decreasing your popularity points - Submitted by oumsker (discovered by Bodhi)

  8. Apart from the arcade machine, the other deco items are currently not interactive so spend your money wisely on items that you need - Submitted by nicachanxd

  9. Think twice before buying an item because although they may be cheap (such as windows), don't get them yet if you have your eye on something more pricey. Just save up since how you decorate the restaurant does not affect the number of customers or your popularity - Submitted by mochinez23

  • Focus on leveling on ONE type of starter, main and dessert. Be open to trading so you can collect items required to level up your chosen specific meals. You will get more gourmet points when customers order dishes of greater level - Submitted by Vanity

  • Arrange your tables in this manner; where everyone is seated close to the cooks so the waiters do not have to waste time walking

  • Due to my preference of the seating arrangement above, I would add two or three tables for each cook I have.
    At the moment, I have 4 cooks, 2 waiters and 10 tables.
    You will have to make your own judgment by adjusting the number of tables, seating arrangement but as a rough guide:
    With 1 cook, 1 waiter = 3 tables
    With 2 cooks, 1 waiter = 6 tables
    With 3 cooks, 1 waiter = 8 tables
    With 4 cooks, 2 waiters = 10 tables

  • Go to the trading forum and try trading for ingredients and items that you want!

  • If possible, try to find someone who wishes to level up dishes completely different from yours (of which require different ingredients to yours) so you can trade and help each other to advance!

  • Want to tell your friends the items you need? Use your restaurant name to leave a message such as "Need Leeks and Potatoes". It's a simple, clever and effective way of saying what you want! - Submitted by Cstix

  • Can't decide whether to bar the door or leave your restaurant run while you sleep? Just let it run anyway (after you've logged out of course). Read Useful Tip #5 to find out why!

  • Adding "temporary" friends may help you get more ingredients but please be aware that Facebook will shut your account down if you add too many friends within a short period of time. Please read this. - Contributed by Nickie

  • To delay the customers' journey to their tables, create a barrier by arranging dividers or any deco items from the doorway leading towards the dining area. This will allow more time for the waiters to clear the tables - Submitted by Faww

Source:SuperSourStrawberry via Playfish Forum