Toilet Survival Guide

This is for those who want an efficient restaurant, but are now confused by the "Toilet Crisis"
IF it was one of the original features, no one would be complaining, the developers are just trying to add more depth and strategy to how to manage a restaurant. In fact, I'm expecting other jobs to be released in the near future.

Now, if you pay attention to the customers who need toilets, they do NOT give you a thumbs down! Having toilets and a cleaner is OPTIONAL! You do not need them to survive, although they may help. I think the toilets are just helping with the 50 pop cap. It helps lower your cap to a level where you are serving your max, but losing less.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Do not care about customers asking for toilets!
The customers only ask for toilets after you've been paid and received your gourmet points

2. Do not care about slight drop in popularity!
As long as your cooks are all working, you are still serving your maximum
If they are not working at full time, minimize walls, make more efficient layouts, and use waiting chairs. You want to replace customers as quick as possible
If you are losing popularity because you are not satisfying enough customers to replace the leaving customers. DON'T worry, you aren't serving any less! Although an arcade or two could help.

3. Dragging toilets in/out of your inventory cleans them.
If you are really desperate for toilets (heh that sounds so weird), you can buy a bunch and drag them in and out ever 10-20 minutes

4. Those who wish to have toilets. Either, sacrifice the extra points and money (which I highly discourage), to hire a full time cleaner, or temporarily change a cook to a cleaner ever few minutes (For those with 5 employees and don't think a 4 cook to 1 waiter works for them, they can use 3:1:1 as you do not need 2 waiters for 3 cooks)

5. The more toilets you have, the longer they will last!
1 toilet lasts 4 uses
2 toilets lasts 8 uses
5 toilets lasts 20 uses
10 toilets lasts 40 uses
If you are willing to devote a lot of money to this, you can buy a large number of toilets and drag them in/out of your inventory ever 10-20 minutes

6.Those who wish to use toilet over night and close the game should just have 1 or 2 cooks, 1 waiter, and one cleaner. You will still get the 2000 coins, but minimize on feeding costs.
Those who want to keep the restaurant game open should make a cook a semipermanent and remove 2-3 tables. (If you have 5 employees you can just use 3:1:1 as stated above.

For those who think toilets are a must: