Restaurant City - Energy Cheat (fixed)

This cheat is for your employee to be automatically having 100% Energy


  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Open Restaurant City.
  3. This is the hard part…
Value - Position
1- Cooking
2- Waiter
3- Rest
4- Cleaning

Now go to your cheat engine and search for the value you employee is currently doing. Then you switch job for the same employee and search for the other value listed above. Then keep switching back and forth until you have 1 value left. Add to the bottom. Once it’s down, Make sure your employee is at rest. When it is resting, FREEZE IT (Most Important)! Now you go to your employee and select the job you want him to have. That will make your employee gain energy while working.

Hack Fixed
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Source: Rockfu via CMWong