How does the waiting chairs work?

Firstly, what are waiting chairs?

Waiting chairs is a new feature (sort of) in Restaurant City. In the past, when customers sit on chairs that don't have a table in front of them, they will leave almost immediately. Now, the Playfish developers have lengthened the time of those customers waiting, so that odd chairs (chairs without tables) can be used as waiting chairs.

Here are some tips:

- Your waiting chairs won't work if they are right next to the door. Try putting them to 90 degrees to your door(s), or a bit further away from the door(s).

- You don't need to create a 'maze' like me. I only placed my waiting chairs the furthest walking distance from the door because it fits my layout (as a 'waiting and relaxing corner'). My customers on waiting chairs usually sit for 1-5 seconds and they'll get a seat at the table.

- Also, bear in mind that you can't place a chair in a corner as the customer won't be able to walk in. Try replacing it with a decoration instead if you feel that the corner looks empty.

- Don't put a few chairs facing the same table as waiting chairs. This will not work.

- As someone also suggested, it's usually works when you 'wall in' the waiting chairs (make a little corner with a small entrance to the 'waiting area').

- Don't put TOO MANY waiting chairs. Your customers will still leave if they don't get a table soon.

- Some players will say that the retro arcade machines lose their function once waiting chairs can be used. I say this is not true. It is still better to use 2-4 arcade machines to maintain your popularity level (depending on the size of your restaurant). Of course, if you have never used an arcade before and feel comfortable with it, just stick with what you originally have.