How do I learn and level up dishes?

To learn a dish, you need to gather all the ingredients required for that dish. Once you have the ingredients (which are displayed via the ‘Change Menu’ icon), select the ‘Change Menu’ icon and then select the pink ‘Learn’ button underneath your dish of choice. When you do this, those ingredients you gathered for that dish will be removed from your inventory, and you will now be able to serve the dish to your customers if you chose.

To level up any dish, you need to gather the same ingredients for that dish again, once you have all the ingredients required, again select the ‘Change Menu’ icon, find the dish you are wishing to level up, and then select blue ‘Level Up’ button.

After you have learnt or leveled up a particular dish and you wish to change what you are serving in your restaurant to the new dish, you need to click the picture of the dish you wish to serve (while in the ‘Change Menu’ screen). You will notice that a yellow circle then appears around the base of the dish to show that it is what you are currently serving!