The Difference Between Waiting Chair and Arcade

Waiting Chair: A chair with no table. When a customer enters a restaurant that is full, he/she will go to a waiting chair to sit. After the customer sits down, if someone is done eating and leaves, this customer will walk to that table and sit down to order food. If this customer waits for too long, he/she will attempt to leave. At this time, if there is an arcade available, he/she will play the arcade and leave without submitting a negative rating. If there is no arcade, he/she will leave and submit a negative rating.

Arcade: An arcade machine that can be played. When a customer enters a restaurant that is full, he/she will look for waiting chairs. If there are no waiting chairs, the customer will look for arcades. If there is an arcade, the customer will go there to play. When the customer is done playing, he/she will leave the restaurant without submitting a negative rating.

Analysis: The waiting chair serves to delay the accumulation of negative ratings. In some situations, the waiting customers actually get seats, and you get positive ratings in the end. The arcade also delays the accumulation of negative ratings by totally preventing them from happening. In both cases, they will help you achieve 50 PP.

Then what is the difference?

Difference: The difference (thanks to dotdotger's advise, and a lot more, you know who you are), is the ability of both to reduce the fall of PP should something happen, like when our workers get weaker/slower.

When the restaurant is not able to cook and serve fast enough, the waiting chairs will not help as much in maintaining your PP, as each unhappy customer still gives a negative rating in the end. Therefore your PP will drop.

If you have arcades instead, the unhappy customers will be pacified by the arcades, and leave without giving a negative rating. Therefore your PP will not drop.

I will use an extreme example for illustration.

Example: Given two restaurants with 8 staff each, all at full health. One of them has 30 waiting chairs. One of them has 30 arcades. Both of them have 50 PP.

After 3 hours without feeding or resting, the one with 30 arcades will probably still have 50 PP. The one with 30 waiting chairs will have a lot less than that, maybe 25 PP? (I have not tested this)

In this case, when both players come back and feed their workers, guess who will earn gourmet points faster? Answer: The one with arcades, because he has the same in-flow of customers has one with 50 PP.

Conclusion: It depends on your style of play. If you can afford to stare at your screen every 5 minutes, you can get waiting chairs. If you can only afford to update your restaurant every 2-3 hours, you should aim to get arcades. My recommendation is to use both waiting chairs and arcades. When you have the money, slowly change the waiting chairs to your arcades if you need them. Otherwise just waiting chairs will be fine.